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Baxter School Community Book Club

Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Tuesday, September 29, 2020

​We are looking at hosting a book club for our parents and school community members. The book is called Permission to Feel by Marc Brackett, Ph.D. To purchase the book visit Amazon.

This book provides a whole new perspective on emotions. It address emotional intelligence which is so relevant especially today. Working with staff, students and parents, I have come to realize that many of us are not in tuned with our own emotions let alone with our children/students emotions. In a school setting many staff refer to the Zones of Regulation which is a wonderful tool. The Permission to Feel takes this notion much more in depth. In the book it speaks about the RULER skills; Recognize, Understand, Label, Express and Regulate, and walks us through strategies to help build these skills within ourselves/students/families. These are all skills we work on trying to teach our students how to do, and yet we have little to some knowledge about being an emotion scientist let alone taking into account so many factors. This book not only addresses this frame work but also addresses ideas of how to implement action within our homes, school, and work place. Marc speaks of strategies on how to integrate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) into our daily programs/lives easily and effortlessly. These teachings work beautifully in the school, work and home settings. As a last thought, this framework is also supported by the use of tools such as the mood meter app and chart. 

To begin and become a member of Baxter School Community Book Club please email Mrs. Kadlec to express your interest. 

  1. Join Marc Brackett’s book club -  Thursday, October 1st at 7PM EST.  Please note that the book club (with Marc Brackett) will take place on this day every week for 6 weeks at 7PM. It will also be recorded for those who can’t make a session or the time. Don’t worry if you do not have the book as of yet, Marc walks you through each chapter as the weeks progress. Whether you read it before and receive clarification or read it after his talks and reflect on his teachings/research, it will open your mind to a new perspective. Go to the website to sign up for the club: 

Marc's sessions run approximately 40min to 1hour a week. M. Brackett is a true expert in his field, he is the Director for the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. He is also a Professor for the Yale Child Study Center.

  1. Each week or two – those who volunteer to join the Baxter School Community Book Club, will gather virtually (dates and times to be determined - we will limit our times of meet to a maximum of an hour per week or two) to discuss your thoughts and reflections about what you have read and heard from Marc Brackett. 
  2. Discussions will be focused on sharing our reflection on becoming an emotion scientist and how best to understand ourselves and our children. We will focus on working together to help our children recognize their emotions, understand them, label them, express how they feel and the strategies they use to regulate, documenting our journey in learning, working together, and making a difference. We will listen to each other (building relational trust) and to our children, gaining from the knowledge, expertise and experiences of everyone throughout the process. My aim is to work together to build our Emotional Intelligence skills and take action that will influence change and impact ourselves and others in the area of mental health and well-being.
  3. We are all participants and learners. We will draw on the expertise and knowledge of each other and welcome school and community supports such as social workers, special education support, our public health nurse and whom ever else may wish to partake in this opportunity. We are fortunate to have begun the journey within our school but work is needed to bridge the gap between home and school allowing us to work in partnership supporting the mental health of our children and families. Working together is the key to success.
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