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Gifted Screening

Monday, October 19, 2020
Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Monday, October 19, 2020

Students who display an advanced degree of general intellectual ability may require additional program support in order to reach their educational potential. This support may be through enhancing the curriculum, differentiated instruction and through providing program modifications. This type of programming is important to engage, motivate and challenge students who are identified as gifted in either the regular classroom or in gifted classroom placements.  In consultation with parents/guardians, school staff determines who these students are through the gifted screening process.

Students may be nominated by either a teacher or parent/guardian.

Although our goal is to do the gifted screening process in Grade 3, if you have child (ren)/students who are in grades 4-8 who were not tested in Grade 3 and they are displaying the characteristics of a gifted studentcan participate in the gifted screening process 

Parents/Guardians of a student currently in Grade 3-8, who wish the school to consider their child for screening, are asked to contact Mrs. Kadlec before November 19, 2020

If your child is nominated, a teacher from the school will contact you regarding the screening process.  You will be asked to sign a consent form as your child will be taking a standardized test (the Otis Lennon School Achievement Test [OLSAT]). Your child will be given some instruction regarding the test and will have the opportunity to take a practice test prior to the actual test. Once the school receives the results, you will be contacted, and these results will be shared with you. The school staff will also explain what any next steps may be.

This opportunity is available to all student in-school and Learn@Home students. Please visit the Gifted Screening Process letter sent home with our Grade 3 students.

If you require additional information regarding the gifted screening process, please contact Mrs. Kadlec. 

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